Layout Plan


The applications short-listed for allotment of plots have analysed for planning purpose. These industries are presently spread over 86 location/pin-codes.The analysis reveals that there is high concentration of industries in twelve locations,which account for more than 60 per cent of the total industries.Details of present industries are mention below:

Location of Industries
S.NoLocation Pincode% of Total Cum.%
2Sadar Bazar1100068.2118.19
3Tri Nagar1100357.8926.08
4Shastri Nagar1100526.5532.63
5Krishna Nagar1100514.1642.27
6Tilak Nagar1100185.4838.11
7Ramesh Nagar1100153.9946.26
8Malka Ganj1100073.5149.77
9Karol Bagh1100053.2753.04
11Gandhi Nagar1100313.1359.38
 Others 38.04100.00
 Total 100.00 

Functional Grouping of Industries
Category Of IndustryFgroup%
Food Processing & Allied Products012.29
Drugs & Pharmaceuticals 02 0.45
Electronics & Telecommunications 03 3.96
Textile & Wearing Apparels 04 6.33
Electrical Goods & Appliances 05 11.56
Auto Parts, Light Engg & Service Industries06 24.34
Printing, Paper Products & Allied Packaging 07 11.43
Plastic Polymer .Etc 08 7.87
Rubber Based Products 09 1.84
Leather Goods 10 0.48
Coir & Jute Products 11 0.10
Furniture ,Fixtures & Others 12 2.40
Petroleum Based Products 13 7.34
Ceramics & Allied Products 14 0.11
Machinery & Machine Tools 15 5.32
Chemical Products 16 0.69
Others 17 13.50
Total   100.00

The maximum numbers of industries fall the category 'Auto Parts' Light Engineering, & Service Industries (fgroup = 06) and account for 24.34 per cent of the total number of industries for which 'Functional Group' details are knowm.

The high powered Committee has decided that only four categories of plot size viz. 100,150,200 & 250 sq.m will be allotted.Based on this the Department of industries.Govt of NCT of Delhi has provided inputs on the basis of application received for relocation and analysis of plots , and eligibility criteria.The percentage distribution of plots is mention below.

Plot Size(sqm) Light & Service Industry
% of plots (approx)
100 48.7
150 29.6
200 4.1
250 17.6
Total 100.0

The analysis reveals that the average power demand per demand per industry is 31.40 and average water demand is 2.5kl

Structure Plan

For Bawana-Nerala area a structure plan has been prepared by DDA covering 2366 ha. Keeping in view the flowing:

  • The land acquired by Department of Industries,Govt of NCT of Delhi for the relocation of Industries.

  • The proposals in the Draft Zonal Development Plans for Narela and Rohini.
  • Indicative land use as proposed in the Urban Extension Plan-2001.
  • The proposed area shall permit relocation of only non-polluting industries.
  • Development of about 462 ha (1141 acres) area proposed for partial relocation of industries out of the total industries (51214) to be relocated as per the survey/applications received by the Department of Industries Govt of NCT of Delhi.

  • The proposed industrial areas shall not accommodate any new industries.
  • Development of residential areas for various categories indicating slum and JJ/shifting of jhuggies etc.The proposed residential area will accommodate the likely industrial work force.

  • Development of land for other related activities utilities and facilities , such as commercial ,public and semi-public uses ,ESS ,truck terminal and open spaces/recreational land use etc. as per the norms of MPD-2001.

  • Proposed MRTS route and the Holambi Kalan MRTS station.
  • No plot shall be more than 250sq.m and less than 100 sq.m in area. Area requirement for the plots less than 100 sq.m to be accommodated in the flatted factories.

  • Proposed Landuse

    According to the Structure Plan prepared by DDA and approved by Technical Committee.The following areas for change of land use were approved.

Provision of Language in Structure Plan
LanduseArea in Ha.Within Narela
Within Rohini
Residential 721 615 106
Commercial 233 192 41
Manufacturing 462 92 370
Public/Semi Pubic 104 91 13
Recreational 454 342 112
Utility & Water Body 104 93 11
Transportation 288 181 107
Total 23661606760